Physical Education courses aim at educating PE teachers equipped with qualifications to plan and run classes in various kinds of schools and educational centres.
Full-time students can take part in optional courses and acquire different specialisations, e.g. a sports commentator, and obtain additional qualifications, e.g. a second-class coaching licence or a sports instructor licence in a chosen discipline.

Undergraduate courses
Graduates obtain the degree of Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and acquire knowledge of biology and social studies along with appropriate skills which enable them to competently exert impact on the human body development and, by means of pedagogical methods, affect the development of students’ personalities.
Graduates can work as PE teachers in primary, middle and secondary schools, non-school educational institutions, sports organisations and physical education centres. 
Students can choose optional courses and obtain instructor’s licences in different sports disciplines.

Postgraduate courses
Graduates obtain the degree of Master of Science in Physical Education and acquire knowledge of natural and social sciences; they are also equipped with skills which enable them to teach body movement and development. Thanks to their qualifications they can exert competent influence on the development of the human body and personality and satisfy the immediate needs of their students in their somatic and motor development. They also possess skills to teach how to care of one’s health, fitness and body build. They are familiarised with various diagnostic and prognostic methods of physical and mental development, possess abilities to design didactic means used in physical education; they know how to develop good social behaviour and manners, and the right pedagogical mindset which altogether allow for effective conduct of various sports, physical education classes and leisure and tourism activities provided for their students.
Graduates of these courses may find employment in primary, middle and secondary schools, higher education institutions, various educational centres, non-school educational institutions, sports clubs and social organisations related to physical culture and tourism.
Students can also take optional courses and obtain the second-class coaching licence in such disciplines as: badminton, gymnastics, judo, white water canoeing, basketball, athletics, archery, speed skating, skiing, football, handball, volleyball, swimming, snowboarding, fencing and rowing.
Having completed some other optional courses, they can obtain instructor’s licences in various sports disciplines, or they can choose sports commentator specialisation (conditions specified in other regulations).


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