The courses in Physiotherapy at the Faculty of Motor Rehabilitation aim at educating graduates qualified to plan and conduct rehabilitation therapies for patients with the musculoskeletal system and internal organs dysfunctions, as well as implement treatments improving motor performance of patients at different age. 

Undergraduate courses
Graduates obtain the degree of Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy and acquire knowledge, abilities and skills indispensable for developing, sustaining and restoring motor performance, and lost or lowered efficiency; they are prepared to impeccably conduct all PT treatments, work for rehabilitation teams in health and sports centres, or other institutions for disabled persons. 
PT graduates acquire foreign language skills in one language (level B2, according to CEFR for languages).

Postgraduate courses
They can be taken by BS holders in Physiotherapy, and their graduates obtain the degree of Master of Science in Physiotherapy and acquire knowledge, abilities and skills indispensable for conducting research work in functional diagnostics, planning and controlling the efficiency of medical rehabilitation processes, conducting and taking part in research and developmental work, administering therapeutic teams, or organising and managing institutions offering rehabilitation therapies. PT graduates may also acquire the license of sports instructor for disabled persons and are well-prepared to continue their education on doctoral courses.
Graduates may also receive certificates confirming their skills in applying special rehabilitation methods (PNF, Bobath or McKenzie methods), which may be attractive for their potential employers and may improve graduates’ positions on the labour market.
Graduates may also obtain additional specialisation after completing one out of seven attractive modules which end with an exam, e.g. biological regeneration and hydrotherapy, hippotherapy, art therapy, neurorehabilitation, palliative care and geriatric rehabilitation, mobilisation techniques of  joints and soft tissues and management in health service. They may also receive appropriate certificates confirming the acquired skills.

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