The courses in Tourism and Leisure at the Faculty of Tourism and Leisure aim at educating students who will be able to hold positions in the tourism industry, e.g. in hotels, organisations, institutions and establishments which provide services for the tourist traffic and leisure (physical education societies, community centres, leisure centres, biological and psychological regeneration centres) and will manage and coordinate economic units related to tourism and leisure.

Undergraduate courses
Graduates obtain the degree of Bachelor of Science in Tourism and Leisure and acquire general knowledge of social and natural sciences, and economics. They are able to organise work and undertake tasks related to tourism and leisure, and arrange tourist offers for various target groups.
They are also prepared to work either on self-employment basis or hold various jobs in the tourism industry, e.g. in hotels, sports and leisure centres, biological regeneration centres and in central and local government offices, in the eco-tourism sector or various types of organisations and institutions related to recreation (physical culture associations, community centres). In the course of their studies, students may choose one out of four professional specialisations: tourist traffic services, hotel industry management, motor recreation or psychosomatic regeneration. Possibilities of taking a specialisation are subject to availability. Tourism and Leisure students can also take tour guide or leisure instructor courses in order to obtain special licences; they also develop abilities to communicate in at least two foreign languages.

Postgraduate courses
Graduates obtain the degree of Master of Science in Tourism and Leisure, and are prepared to independently manage and administer various businesses, and coordinate team work in the tourism and leisure sector. They also acquire knowledge, abilities and skills which may be used while undertaking managerial activities in tourism and leisure; they are able to make independent decisions, solve problems or come up with original ideas, and are prepared to continue education on doctoral courses and take challenges in research and development work.

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