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Tuesday, 25 January 2011 10:59

Regulations of competition for young researchers organised within "Sport Kinetics" conferences for the IASK President Cup and N.A. Bernstein Medals


The aim of the competition is to award an honourable mention to promising young researchers. This award aims to further encourage intensive and creative work and support promotion in scientific career.

Rules of the competition:

I. Rules of participation in the competition. Only individuals with an active participation in a given "Sport Kinetics" conference and those fulfilling the following criteria may compete for the honourable mention in the competition:

  1. Those who presented an independent research paper within oral or poster presentation session. The presentation or the poster may have been written only the candidate himself/herself, or   by a team-work in the case of several authors.
  2. The candidate must not be over 35 years old,
  3. The applicant for the competition submits the "Young researcher's assessment sheet" to the chairman of a given oral or poster presentation session of the conference (before the start). The sheet is a declaration of will to participate in the competition (Attachment 1).
  4. In the "Young researcher’s assessment sheet" the candidate must fill in his/her full name, the name of the institution where he/she is employed, his/her age, the authors and the title of the presentation in the session (oral or poster presentation), the room, the day and time of presentation as well as the surname of the chairman of the given session. The candidate confirms the data by placing his/her signature,
  5. The award candidate who presents his/her papers in a poster presentation should collect the appropriate additional sheet of his/her participation in the competition and place it in a visible place on the presented poster.

II. Assessment criteria. The following assessment criteria for each person and research paper submitted for the competition shall apply:

  1. Scientific (research ) value,
  2. Scientific justification and interpretation of the problem in the light of world literature ,
  3. Originality of research methods and correctness of choice of  the research material,
  4. Way of presenting research paper:
    • Clarity and care of statement,
    • Correctness of statement in English,
    • Ability to attract the audience’s attention on the presented problem,
    • Scientific correctness of interpretation of the obtained research results,
    • Content-related and aesthetic value, attractiveness of presentation,
  5. Originality and accuracy of research conclusions as well as their contribution to research development,
  6. Fluency of conducting the discussion concerning the presented paper.

III. The procedure of the assessment. The chairman of a given oral or poster presentation session submits a fully completed assessment sheet to the conference secretariat immediately after the end of the session. The assessment of the paper is confidential, that is, it is not known to the candidate or any other person before it is officially announced. The chairman of the session and conference secretariat must not provide any information in this respect.

IV. Responsibilities of the secretariat.

The "Sport Kinetics" conference secretariat shall:

  1. Inform researchers about the possibility of taking part in the competition for young scientists,
  2. Provide interested young researchers with the "Young researcher’s assessment sheet" together with relevant information during the registration process, and those candidates who present papers in poster session with appropriate evaluation forms to be placed in a visible place at the presented poster,
  3. Collect  the completed  "Young researcher's assessment sheets" from the Chairmen of each session (oral or poster presentation) immediately after presentation,
  4. Submit all the filled out "Young researcher's assessment sheets" to the Chairman of the Young Researchers Competition Committee ,
  5. Prepare diplomas for honoured young researchers on the basis of the minutes submitted by the Chairman of the Competition Committee and present them to be signed by the IASK President, Conference Director and Chairman of the Competition Committee for young researchers.

V. Rules of Committee operation. The Young Researchers Competition Committee makes decisions concerning the young researchers award, during its meeting.

  1. The Committee is composed of 3 persons appointed earlier by the IASK presidium under the direction of the chairman,
  2. The     Committee is guided only by objectivity and content-related aspects,
  3. The Committee makes decisions regarding the choice of the candidates on the basis of opinions gathered by the chairmen of scientific sessions and to the Committee's best knowledge,
  4. Minutes of the meeting are recorded. The minutes may be prepared by a non-member of the Committee.

VI. Number of awards. During one edition of the competition ("Sport Kinetics" conference) no more than one cup and five honourable mentions for oral presentation and no more than one cup and five honourable mentions for poster presentation may be awarded. The first three places are also awarded N. Bernstein’s medals.

VII. Forms of awards. Each person honoured and awarded with a cup receives a special diploma signed by the Chairman of the Competition Committee for young researchers, the IASK President and "Sport Kinetics" Conference Director. Other forms of awards may be granted besides the Cup and the diploma.

IASK President

Prof. Dr. hab.  Dr. h. c. Włodzimierz Starosta



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