The Bronisław Czech University School of Physical Education in Krakow consists of three faculties: the Faculty of Physical Education, Faculty of Tourism and Leisure, and Faculty of Motor Rehabilitation. The faculties comprise, among others, departments, their specialized sections and laboratories in which classes are held and research is conducted.

The School is headed by the Rector as a one-man governing body – they are chosen by the School Electoral College and hold office for three or four years. The members of the Electoral College are chosen proportionally according to the Elections Statute from among professors, other academic teachers, non-academic employees and the representatives of both students and doctoral students. The Rector is assisted by the democratically chosen Electoral College members, the Vice-Rector for Academic Research and the Vice-Rector for Student Services.

The collective bodies of the School are the Senate and the Faculty Councils. The former always consists of the Rector as a chairperson, the Vice-Rectors and the Deans. Furthermore, representatives of the following groups are elected proportionally: academic teachers employed as full professors, associate professors or Doctors of Science, other academic teachers, student government (students and doctoral students) and non-academic employees (school administration).

The Senate is responsible for passing the Statute of the School, the regulations of graduate, postgraduate and doctoral courses, the rules of enrolment for regular and doctoral courses, the material and financial plan of the school, establishing the main scope of activity of the School, awarding honorary doctorates, giving opinions about the issues presented by the Rector, the Faculty Councils or the Senate members, etc.

The Faculty is headed by the Dean as a one-man governing body, who is chosen by the Faculty Electoral College and holds office for three or four years. The Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education is assisted by three Vice-deans: for Part-time Courses, for Tourism and Leisure and for Physical Education. The Dean of the Faculty of Motor Rehabilitation is assisted by Vice-deans for Full-time and Part-time Courses.

The Faculty Council always consists of the Dean as a chairperson, Vice-deans, professors and Doctors of Science. The Faculty Council is complemented by the representatives of other academic teachers, the student government (students and doctoral students) and non-academic employees (school administration employed in a given faculty).

Faculty Councils pass resolutions concerning creating and closing down majors and specializations, regulations and methods of enrolment, the suggested number of students to be enrolled, etc. They determine the organisation of the whole academic year and also give opinions on employing academic teachers and granting research leaves or block releases. The Council of the Faculty of Physical Education is entitled to confer PhD and DSc in Physical Education; it also appeals to the Central Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles for awarding professorships in Physical Education by the President of the Republic of Poland.

The School administration is managed by the Chancellor appointed by the Rector. They are assisted by deputies, including the Deputy for Financial Services (the Bursar) as the chief accountant.

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